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Communication of Risk

Your text explains that political discourse is influenced by the way we communicate about climate change such that,
One of the reasons we disagree about climate change is that we receive multiple and conflicting messages about climate change and we interpret them in different ways. (Hulme 2009, 215)  There are various ways that climate change narratives differ:
The ways the issue is framed(p.226)the organization of ideas, definition of controversy and invoction of core values and assumptionsThe different audiences targeteddifferent frames will resonate with different audiences depending on their valuesThe language used"linguistic repertoire" (p. 230) such as distinctive vocabulary, stylistic features, certain metaphors, idioms or imagesThe stories toldwho has caused this? who is responsible? who loses? what should be done about it?  heroes and bad guys? winners and losers?The imagery used or invokedWhat are the pictures someone shows you?  What feelings are they intended to …

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